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Immediate help,long term support. Addiction Recovery.

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Our program is the result of our many years experience providing addiction treatment services. Our status as an accredited facility means we not only deliver a high standard of treatment but we are constantly looking for ways to improve, ensuring that all clients receive excellence in addiction recovery services.

News About Our Program
In line with our commitment to continuous improvement and development of quality services, Tamarack has incorporated approaches from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) into its program. Find out more about this new program component and how it could support your recovery here.

Tamarack’s unique structured program comprises:

Longer Term Treatment

Addictions take many months, even years, to develop. Recovery also takes time.  Our 60 -78 day program is a realistic time frame offering people an excellent opportunity to experience recovery and set in place the tools to maintain positive changes. If you feel you’d benefit from additional time in treatment we can also tailor an extended program to suit you.

Continuous Intake

Making the decision to change your life for the better is a big deal. Having a continuous intake process, ensures that treatment is available when you want it. You’ll join individuals who have already completed several weeks of the program and have been where you’ve been. Not only will you benefit from staff and counsellor knowledge but your peers will also be valuable sources of insight and support.


Immediate Support

Our 60 day program requires that clients are free from drugs and alcohol at least 28 days before they start. We understand that meeting this requirement may be a challenge and so we offer an extended 78 day program, which clients can begin after 10 days abstinence. We’ll help you through those early days so that by the time you graduate the program you will have achieved at least 88 days of recovery time–an excellent foundation to build on. Don’t worry. Sometimes people call us on the day they decide to quit substance use. We think that this is a great first step and it’s not too early. When you call us we’ll help you with a plan and give you the support you need so that you can achieve 10 or 28 days abstinence and can transition smoothly into treatment at Tamarack.

Comprehensive Treatment

We know that recovery happens on many levels –mental, physical and emotional- and so we have developed an in-depth treatment program that addresses these different areas and is delivered in a variety of formats. Our program is designed to help you not only understand and deal with the issues that lead to addiction but to learn and practice new life skills that will give you a better chance at long term recovery.

A Co-ed, Small Group Setting

Working with both males and females offers many opportunities for sharing and discovering different perspectives on issues related to addiction and gives people a chance to develop healthy supportive relationships with individuals of the opposite sex.

We place client safety as our highest priority and have clear and specific boundaries in place concerning living arrangements and contact between clients to ensure that each individual’s recovery remains of the utmost importance.

Our small, personal setting means we have the opportunity to form genuine relationships with every one of our clients. 

Client Informed Care

While the overall structure of the day and workshop content is planned so that key areas are covered, we want to work with you to create a treatment experience that is meaningful, comprehensive and ensures your success in the program. Individual counselling sessions will address your needs, helping you deal with the things that have previously held your recovery back. Afternoon therapy groups allow time and opportunity for each person to be heard and supported. Aftercare group and individual sessions, provided for as long as you require after graduation, are guided by the group and by your individual needs, helping you maintain your long term recovery goals.